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The PROWE Project ran from 1st June 2005 to 31st July 2007. This website exists as a historical record of the PROWE Project's research. The site and the links within it are no longer being up-dated and so you may find broken links.

The PROWE Ecology takes its baseline from Nardi and O'Day, 1999 , and incorporates the idea of "actant" from Actor Network Theory . A description of the PROWE Ecology is contained within the report "PROWE and "how to do it" - putting theory into practice ". We have developed a 3-d representation of the PROWE Ecology, the PROWE visualisation v1.0. This model (available below), presents the high-level elements (tutors, content, system, institution) and the drivers and keystone behaviours for each of them. The interaction points between the high-level elements are also illustrated.

What behaviours result from this interaction?

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