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The PROWE Project ran from 1st June 2005 to 31st July 2007. This website exists as a historical record of the PROWE Project's research. The site and the links within it are no longer being up-dated and so you may find broken links.


2007 Allison Littlejohn and Chris Pegler Preparing for Blended E-Learning: Understanding Blended and Online Learning (Connecting with E-learning). Routledge, ISBN 0415403618

Janet MacDonald and Anne Hewling

Book chapter: "Exploring the potential of online communities of practice for distance tutors." Within: Chris Kimble and Paul Hildreth (eds). Communities of Practice: creating learning environments for educators.

Reports and papers

2008-02 Charlesworth, A., Ferguson, N., Schmoller, S., Smith, N. and Tice, R.

Sharing eLearning Content: a synthesis and commentary (PROWE is quoted extensively in this major report):

2008-02 Chris Pegler Two Case Studies around 'repository engagement and management':

Case Study 1:  Part time tutors and staff development resource co-creation and comparison (Open University).

Case Study 2: Using a wiki to support day-to-day activity within a research-orientated teaching department (University of Leicester).

2007-09 Chetz Colwell and Chris Pegler PROWE Accessibility report
2007-09 Susan Eales Editorial introduction: BJET special issue on critical success factors in institutional change written by Hugh Davis and Susan Eales. British Journal of Educational Technology September 2007 - Vol. 38 Issue 5 Page 769-955 . This special edition of B-JET was an outcome of the September 2006 ECDL workshop: Embedding eLearning - critical success factors for institutional change.
2007-08 Chris Pegler PROWE Evaluation report
2007-07 Anne Hewling PROWE and "how to do it"- putting theory into practice
2007-07 Lara Whitelaw PROWE Metadata report (Metadata Specialist Perspective); Abridged PROWE Metadata report (Generalist Perspective), with thanks to Anne Hewling.
2007-06 Roger Dence & Richard Mobbs Perspectives on the nature of communities and their needs -
conceptualising and researching potential wiki use at UoL
2007 -04
Susan Eales
"PROWE: Investigating the potential of informal and personal repositories to support the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of part time distance education tutors". ALISS
2007 -02
Richard Mobbs
A Brief Comparison between the University of Leicester Plone PROWE System
and the Open University elgg/PmWiki Solution
2006 -09
Anne Hewling
2006 -06
Anne Hewling
"The Personal Repositories Online Wiki Environment (PROWE) Project", D-Lib Magazine. 12 (4)
2006 -04
Anne Hewling


Future activities

Date Author Activity
2008-04-29 and 30 Anne Hewling and Anne Gambles Poster to be presented at the OU Conference "Making Connections." Abstract.
2007-10 Chris Pegler Paper to be presented at the OpenLearn Conference and to be written up as an article within JIME "Choosing and re-using learning content: why neither is as easy as it sounds."

Past activities

Date Author Activity
2008-01-08 and 09   PROWE was mentioned at the Beyond Distance Learning Alliance Learning Futures Conference 'The Campus and Beyond,' University of Leicester.
2007-12-12 Anne Gambles & Gilly Salmon End of PROWE dissemination event. Key PROWE findings were presented at the event. There were also presentations from other speakers on subjects relevant to web2.0 and libraries. Anne Gambles: An overview of the PROWE Project, key findings and deliverables. Professor Gilly Salmon: PROWE outcomes at the University of Leicester.
2007-12-11 Chris Pegler National Digital Learning Repository: Inaugural Symposium on Sharing Digital Resources for Teaching and Learning,  Keynote: 'Reflections on reuse: What are repositories, who are they for?' 
2007-09-06 Roger Dence & Richard Mobbs Short paper presented at ALT-C 2007 "A portfolio-based approach to developing wiki and blog capabilities - from individuals to institution, one 'size' does not fit all." Abstract.
2007-09-05 Anne Gambles Poster presented at ALT-C 2007. Abstract. Winner of the ALT-C-2007 'Best Poster' competition. See ALT Online Newsletter.
Anne Gambles Presentation at the JISC Digital Repositories Programme end of Programme Event Powerpoint
Anne Hewling Paper presented at the CTSS Conference, at The Open University. Powerpoint
2007-03 Chris Pegler Chris mentioned PROWE when asking a question about Repository Ecologies at the JISC Annual Conference event.
2007-02 Chris Pegler Chris mentioned PROWE in her presentation: "New Learning Activities what will we want next?"given at the Intrallect Future Visions seminar in Edinburgh
2007-01-10 Roger Dence Developing the potential of formal and informal repositories – lessons from the Prowe project - presentation at UoL Beyond Distance Learning Futures conference, Leicester. Abstract Presentation
2006-11-30 Roger Dence Presentation at Online EDUCA, Berlin Abstract Powerpoint
2006-11-09 Anne Hewling Presentation at ISSOTL '06, Washington DC Powerpoint
2006-09-07 Roger Dence, Alan Cann & Richard Mobbs Piloting innovative uses of informal repositories in campus-based student assessment and associate tutor communities of practice - paper at ALT '06 Abstract Powerpoint
2006-09-06 Anne Hewling
Would you care to share?: Sharing resources, collaborating and community building with next generation repositories in a wild web world. Symposium from five JISC repository projects - ALT '06 Handout Powerpoint
2006-06 Tony Churchill, Roger Dence Developing ‘wikibility’ – a multi-dimensional approach to achieving critical mass for building informal repositories, Blended Learning Conference (University of Leicester). Abstract Powerpoint
2006-06 Lara Whitelaw Presentation at CETIS-UK conference in Bath Powerpoint
2006-04-27 Anne Hewling

Seminar at Open University Learning and Teaching Conference Powerpoint

2006-04-10 - 12 Anne Hewling, Janet Macdonald, Tony Churchill

Seminar at the Networked Learning Conference (Lancaster University). Powerpoint

2006-04-03 Selina Lock PROWE Briefing session at the UKSG Annual Conference (University of Warwick).
2006-01-10 Roger Dence, Anne Hewling Presentation at Beyond Distance Research Alliance Conference Developing Personal Repositories to Support the Development of Part-Time Tutor Communities - a first view of the PROWE project (.ppt)
2005-12-07 Chris Pegler Presentation at JISC e-learning conference Prowe project (.ppt)
2005-09-23 Chris Pegler Presentation at the KRN Workshop on "Beyond the technical barriers and into the community: Reflections on inhibitors and enablers to reuse" to include a slide on PROWE plans, including our proposed use of wiki and why we think that they are important.
2005-08 Gerry McKiernan (Iowa State University)

Gerry McKiernan's lecture "Wikis: Disruptive Technologies for Dynamic Possibilities" at the TICER summer school in the Netherlands included a slide on PROWE. A self-archived copy of Gerry's presentation is available at:

We had passed Gerry some info about our project because he is going to be compiling a registry of wiki in use within education.

2005-07-07 Anne Gambles PROWE poster and flyer presented at the JISC Joint Programme meeting in Cambridge.

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