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The PROWE Project ran from 1st June 2005 to 31st July 2007. This website exists as a historical record of the PROWE Project's research. The site and the links within it are no longer being up-dated and so you may find broken links.

Video to illustrate PROWE accessibility concerns

It is suggested that you also refer to the PROWE Accessibility Report if you wish to see the relevant screens in more detail.


Description of content

Clip 1

Ordering of headings

Screen reader shown navigating using headings. Illustrating why headings need to be logically ordered by level (1, 2, 3, etc). Inconsistent use of bold, etc. to replicate heading styles would lead to some of the same problems. Screenshot of Firefox showing headings.

Clip 2

Tag clouds

Screen reader access of tag cloud shows that the scale of interest in a topic is not conveyed. All tags are perceived as equally important. Screenshot of tagcloud.

Clip 3

Labels for comment boxes and radio buttons. Also >> labels.

Illustrates what problems occur for screenreader users when comment boxes and radio buttons are not linked to appropriate labels. Also illustrates what happens when >> is used as a form of arrow. (It is read as 'greater than, greater than'). Screenshot of radio buttons.

Clip 4

Accesskeys on editor

Accesskeys have been provided to allow the user to jump to relevant parts. However several instructions are read as a single text string so that users will need to listen very carefully to discern the particular shortcut they need. Screenshot of accesskeys.

Clip 5

Access keys for keyboard only user

Access keys are not visible to the keyboard only user. They can be made visible only to keyboard users, this option is illustrated. Screenshot of skip to content.

Clip 6

Colour contrast

Use of a colour contrast analyser is demonstrated and colour choice is discussed. Screenshots of contrast analyser.

Clip 7

Effects of text enlargement

A standard browser tool (permitting text enlargement) has the effect of distorting text and rendering it more difficult to read. Screenshot of text enlargement.

Clip 8

Form fields

Illustrates what happens when using a screen reader in form mode where there is no clear label for the text box. Screenshot of form field.

Clip 9 Invisible shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have been provided, but these are arranged and operate so that keyboard only users cannot skip them and may not realise that they exist. It could appear that the site was failing to respond.


Additional screen shots

CamelCase; Plone.

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